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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
Because doesn't want to see good power.
And you have proof of this HOW?

As of Jan 1st, 2011 I have stopped shotting GEs, because they're ugly, common, dirty, and even sound like they're going to explode!
If that means fewer redundant Sturtevant shots...GREAT!

Side note: On the CP GEs, when you get to 25mph the HP drops to 4000, and doesn't go back to 4400 until you get down to 15mph...which supposedly saves here you have one engine.......GE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is relevant to your life how? Oh, I's not. You know NOTHING about the operations of a locomotive, regardless of who the manufacturer is. For every negative statistic you quote from another GE hater, I'm sure an engineer who drives EMDs can offset that with something equally negative.

I've seen the same train being pulled by a single SD40-2 make decent speed, while a train with a single C40-8W (We get CSX garbage over here, too) stuggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really? I've seen a Ford Escort going 80mph down the highway passing a Corvette going 60mph. Corvettes SUCK!!!!
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This pretty much sums it up:
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