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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Perennial target, but in a nirvana sort of way. In the way that, were Amtrak to be eliminated, the world would be a beautiful place. Some sort of a totem, or perhaps an anti-totem.

I can understand why, say, NPB might set off a particular group of people. That seems to have direct relevance to the culture wars. But Amtrak? I can understand people opposing public provision of rail transportation, I might disagree (might agree in some situations), but I can understand the viewpoint.

What I can't understand is the almost visceral reaction some have to the thought of federal spending on Amtrak.
Well, if you break it down to a per person cost...

Okay, I won't go there.

Honestly though, I believe it simply has to do with whether one believes that Amtrak is a vital service that should be provided. Everyone agrees that police and fire and roads are vital... as we get into other items, you start to get disagreement.
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