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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Charles, I'm a lot closer to your age, and to me the F40 is the quintessential Amtrak engine. Or that along with the Genesis.
Janusz... why do you assume there was anything more to my question than the question itself?

Not every inquiry has to have a hidden point.


As an aside - when you say Amtrak, the first thing I see in my mind is an SDP40F.

[edit] - I'd also note, that an F7, an E8, an E9, an F40PH, a GP40TC, a P30CH, a GG1, an E60CP, an E60CH, an AEM7, an AMD103 (later P40DC), a Dash 8-32BWH, a P42DC, a P32AC-DM, an FL9, a RS3, a GP7, an SW10, a CF7, an HHP8, an Acela, a Metroliner, an F59PHI, an UA Turbo Train, a French Turboliner, a Rohr Turboliner, and an RDC (inlcuding the Roger Williams cab) would, each and everyone one of them, be a legitimate subject for an Amtrak heritige project to me - as well as perfectly saying "Amtrak." I don't think there is a wrong answer here... I was, and am curious, when Max says it is the quitessential engine to him, is he saying among his age group and friends.

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