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It would make a nice long panorama but RP doesn't allow those for some daft reason so for a side on like that you need something to fill the rest of the frame with. The Pagoda is nice, I like that. If you go back to that location if you could get a little more height you'd get a little more space between the Pagoda and the bridge which would extend the foreground a little. You may also find this gives you enough reflection to loose virtually all the sky and fill the lower 2 thirds with Pagoda, gardens and reflection and the upper third with the bridge and a little sky. If it's safe to do so you can always hold the camera in the air on a monopod to gain height if you've nothing to stand on and use a cable release, timer or ir remote to fire the camera. You can't see what your taking but if the trains are regular enough it's fun to try.
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