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Originally Posted by stevenmwelch View Post
Obviously you do know NOTHING since there is no cut-out cock for MU cables. (CABLES, not hoses)

Isolating a unit requires a flip of a switch. A monkey can do that.

I'd love to watch you try to cut in a brand new GEVO for lead air brake setup.

All new diesels prime themselves.

Max brake cylinder pressue varies from unit to unit but usually is in the low 70's range.

Umm, a daily inspection is daily, moron.

Trailing unit:

Cut air brakes to trail position, place automatic brake valve handle in HO (or continuous service), gen field down, all breakers for lead unit ops down.

You THINK you're smart, but you really aren't. Just because you know a few things about trains doesn't make you the next genius of railroading.

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Obviously you're an engineer, so you're going to know, so quite frankly, I'm not quite sure why it's such a "huge accomplishment" for you to know what you're doing.
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