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Default Suggestion for composition

This past Thursday I went out in hopes of catching the NS H-07 go west out of croxton yard in NNJ and thru Rutherford station. While waiting in the disgusting 80* temps with high humidity I started to shoot some local and express trains on NJT's county line. Only a few came out decent enough for me to save, only 1 was in my mind good enough to try and submit to the site. I had hoped since the lighting seemed pretty good, came out pretty sharp (been having a bad streak lately) that it would be accepted. But it got rejected for bad composition. Now my question is do I have any options from this location really? Im standing at the eastern most part of the station on the wheelchair ramp. Im thinking its cause of the tree's directly in front of me that caused the rejection. What do you guys think?

Here's the link to the rejection.
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