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I promise y'all if you stop worrying about things you have no control over, things will go over much easier. I had to learn tis the hard way. In railroad photography, I cannot control whether a crew opens or closes a door, dons a hat or an orange vest or does not, waves, flips me the bird, scowls at me or sticks out his tongue. I have no control over the weather or which engine is on lead. I cannot make people in photo lines speed up, slow down or pull over. It's not up t me if the guy who is coming in last behind all the other photogs deides to stand in their way or not.

All these folks I see on Facebook bitching about slow drivers or people who don't understand photo lines I just want to say you did not have to go see the UP 4014 or whatever it was you were shooting. You could be sitting on your sorry ass at home without a car, with a prosthetic leg and an infection that could kill you at any minute. Or you could STFU and enjoy your good fortune
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