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Thank you for the heads up, Will. I can definitely see where the GRWR/HRT fleet could be thinned a bit given that acquisitions have outpaced departures over the past several years, plus two lines have stopped operating (the Covington branch and Athens Line).

Do you know if traffic on the Hartwell has rebounded at all after the feed mill in Lavonia stopped shipping? That was pretty much all they had for steady traffic in years past.

Couple all this with locomotive dealers approaching shortlines looking to purchase older EMDs that can be used as rebuild cores and making offers "too good to refuse" and this is not surprising.

Thankfully, Gerald Altizer was able to get WM 6400 out of there and preserve it as WM 25 on the George's Creek Railway in Maryland.

If you see anymore specifics on locomotives leaving the roster, please post them. We may not be the busiest forum on the site, but there are dedicated shortline fans who do follow this list and are greatly appreciative of your information.
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