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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Now if only "Horizon unlevel" rejections had a "Perspective /distortion" notation. I'm sure some shots will never be correctable by a simple rotation leading to the continuation of frustrations with the screening process.

That was the frustrating part of getting this shot accepted:

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 483953
Photograph © Ron Flanary

I had rotated the image to level the rivet line below the cab (above the "E5" class plate). However, the handrails (and maybe the water tower in the background) were leaning ever so slightly to the right. OK---this meant I had to go to the lens correction tool and screw around with it to introduce another level of distortion to offset the initial distortion, otherwise, it wouldn't be accepted. In short, a simple rotation didn't cut the mustard. And that, Mitch, lends credence to your last sentence, because "leveling" the shot wasn't good enough.

OK...not to call out Casey's aerial shot of the units crossing the Dan River at Danville,,,

Image © Norfolk Southern Corp
PhotoID: 483995
Photograph © Norfolk Southern Corp

...but---would this shot warrant lens correction to deal with the extreme distortion of the wide angle lens? Of course not...because it's the very nature of a wide angle lens to distort. Also, this shot is as much creative as it is documentary. That said, in many cases, screeners might reject a wide angle shot for "unlevel" because of lens distortion, rather than level.

At what point is lens correction expected....or not address a distortion issue caused by a wide angle lens? I don't think there's a solid answer to that question.
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