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Default Trainfestival 2001-Who's Going?

So, with Trainfestival2011 only two weeks away, the question is: Who's going to make the trek to Rock Island? I should be going, although I'm not sure what days (since I will be coming south from the Twin Cities). It looks like a fun event, with all of the steam. Still, I have no idea what engines will be powering the trains. Each of the excursion's thumbnails have pictures of different steam locomotives or an Amtrak P42, but I don't know if those are actually the engines powering the trains, since they don't tell you in the description. I guess we will have to find out.

Link to the website:
Railpictures Shots RP stuff.
Flickr Shots All the RP stuff plus some failed experiments, wedgies, and junk.
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