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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Troy,

Actually, believe it or not, the shot with sky issues is the second one. In the first one, there was no clipping at all on the right side of the histogram, either out-of-camera, or after postprocessing. The second one required selective editing of the sky to temper the highlights just a bit.
I understand that the exposure might have been OK, but even so, the clouds really lack detail, and they really don't like cloudy skies here.

I realized that the lighting wasn't stellar when I took the shots. It's just that they can't be repeated easily. The light was what it was...I tried to post them because I thought the scenes were interesting and unfortunately, they weren't available when the sun was brighter. I also tried to post them because the museum deserves some good publicity and people do look at this site.
I understand that, but a lot of times, situations like that dont hold much weight to the screeners. We have all been hit by clouds on unique situations.
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