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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Again - worthy images as is that simply could be better.

Remember "School House Rocks"? Add "ly" to make a verb an adverb.

Well, add "Good shot, though we think it could be even better" to the reject.
I guess by now some of of seasoned patrons keep that in mind rather then sulk and run.

Anyway -
First shot - there are two types of valid crops.
Those that follow the rules of thirds and those that include all the extraneous details at risk of the rule of thirds. Your first shot looks - as we know RP does not like - centered. Maybe the other two thirds do not carry the weight. A tighter crop might be more pleasing - loose a bit of the top and left.

Second shot - I like it. When RP says it's too dark, you can appeal and say that's just the way it was OR, simply brighten it. In this case, maybe find the darker areas and selectively brighten them without loosing your blacks. You could even brighten just one of the colors if say it was the trees, but I'd go with a selective brightening of the darker scenes. Or on the simple side, a bit of selective dodging.

Both are really cool shots - hope they make it in.

Hi Mitch,

Thanks. On the first one, you said "too centered", but your text that followed made me think you meant heavy on the right...which was my impression when I was done. I actually did try a tighter crop, but ended up cutting off too many elements of what I think is an aesthetically pleasing yard. I will consider going tighter though.

WRT the second shot, I'll play with some selective brightening and see what that does.

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
First one has a really blown out sky too, lighting was not on your side in any of these shots
Hi Troy,

Actually, believe it or not, the shot with sky issues is the second one. In the first one, there was no clipping at all on the right side of the histogram, either out-of-camera, or after postprocessing. The second one required selective editing of the sky to temper the highlights just a bit.

I realized that the lighting wasn't stellar when I took the shots. It's just that they can't be repeated easily. The light was what it was. I didn't try to post them because they were my best work....I have a lot of better stuff from that very day. I tried to post them because I thought the scenes were interesting and unfortunately, they weren't available when the sun was brighter. I also tried to post them because the museum deserves some good publicity and people do look at this site. The folks up there are an incredibly talented, ambitious and interesting group of people. They've essentially recreated a historic railroad on the original ROW from scratch. When other operations are taking one step forward and two steps back, these folks are taking dreams and making them happen, one step at a time. The energy up there is something to behold.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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