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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
This seems to be a never ending trend with corporations in general, "Forget what got you were your are today and shove more money in the pocket". It's not always about the mighty dollar......
It's more than that unfortunately. Class 1s just don't want anything to do with steam locomotives or other historic equipment. They are prone to breakdowns and other issues which could quickly get in the way of revenue operations They also attract crowds....and trespassers, as UP painfully learned last weekend. While the lady who was killed was clearly at fault (she was standing on the edge of the ties filming with a cell phone and was hit by the 844 doing probably 50 mph), the incident will cause them a lot of bad press and there will likely be some baseless lawsuits. As with aviation, it's no longer the laws and regulations that dictate what you can do, it's what the insurance companies will put up with.....and that's becoming more and more restrictive.

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