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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Right. UP is the only Class 1 that operates a fleet (just one at the moment) of historic steam locomotives. They run special trains and charters from time to time. They are still promising to have a Big Boy in operation for the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad next year. I suspect that PTC requirements won't be an issue for them. Unlike museums and historic preservation groups, they have the resources and will spend what it takes to comply.

Not sure what will happen with 611. Unlike 844, 611 is not owned by a Class 1 and is dependent on host railroads.....and those seem to be getting fewer and fewer. I think the best hope there is perhaps some of the routes that the Class 1s like Amtrak are abandoning. Of course, someone will need to maintain those routes and the 611 Team has never had to worry about those issues.

Unfortunately, that's one of the realities with big steam locomotives in this age. Unless the owner of the locomotive also owns a railroad, there's never any guarantee of a future for it.

Thanks for the info. I know there is always more behind the scenes than those not directly involve will ever know about but when reading the article on VMT's website and all the money 611 has generated, one would think that the brass at NS would get on board in some fashion other than just allowing excursions on their rails. You would think they would also want to not forget their roots while benefiting from the added exposure and bringing the next generation a wee bit closer to the life of railroads and ensuring future growth and employees.
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