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Originally Posted by cblaz View Post
Exactly. That's why I railed for so long against those that always touted RAW as a way to save your shots if you messed up the settings. With digital, there's no excuse for messing up the settings unless you don't know what you're doing. Shooting Kodachrome for a few years taught me more about cameras than digital ever could have. There were no test shots, no checking the histogram on the back of the camera; you had to know your settings and get it right the first time.

- Chris
Originally Posted by milwman View Post
I try vary hard to shoot my 50D like film even tho you can fix most RAW's I like nailing it right out of the camera, A left over from film days?
I think the part in bold is right, the words "left over", or at least those words contain insight. It may be that modern technology has devalued the skill of getting it right the first time, just as it has devalued so many other skills. One comes to mind right now, reading maps, really reading maps and finding the best route, vs. just printing out the google/yahoo/mapquest instructions. Not so important a skill as it used to be. That saddens me.

I don't care much about the film ethos myself; I understand the value of getting it "right" in camera is not zero, I respect those who do care but it isn't that important to me. I care about getting the end product right.

And, of course, I myself don't produce the sort of end product for which higher levels of care are needed. I don't recall ever taking a shot for which I wasn't either close enough to take care of in PP or so far off that film vs. digital mattered, nothing was saving those shots. So I personally can get it right just by getting it close in camera.

Kudos to those who do, but for me the kudos really go to those who get the fantastic images; whether they get it right in camera and tweak minimally or get it close and PP, doesn't much matter to me.
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