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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
From my experiences in the dark, wide open aperture with a predominately red (or green) light source facing the sensor is not a great idea. I would bet Bob is using one of his prime lenses with a wfo aperture, cause that's how Bob rolls.

I'd shoot the background with whatever settings, and shoot the crossing and train stopped down significantly, with iso cranked to yield a similar exposure level (id go darker for more of a silhouette but ymmv) . Angle of attack also factors into the equation as well, so I would get a little more off-axis of the crossing lights too. With two separate images you can also do a bit more in photoshop to curtail unwanted red if necessary.

Loyd L.
Or I could just buy a drone and go South for a couple weeks. Seriously I see the head on thing, some I took closer perhaps at a little off angle have less light effect but I wanted to bring the town in a little closer.

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