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Originally Posted by devights
Well, if you care you actually can "force" them to remove the work in question. This is done through sending their ISP a (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) DCMA letter. This site explains it and has a sample template (last one at the bottom). Basically you do a whois search (google it) to find out who hosts the site and the HOST not the owner's contact info. In this case it's a tad more difficult because Tripod doesn't provide anything other than a mailing address, so try finding a contact e-mail for Tripod, or just mail it to them.
Basically you send the people that host the site for the owner because they are somewhat liable for copyright violations. From stories I've read chances are they'll take down the offending site almost immediately.
Thanks for the info. This was resolved today, but I will keep this in mind if something happens again.

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