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Default Straight From Camera or Via Image Editor

Do you use any type of image editor after taking your shots?

Whilst your shot will never be a great railphot it can be improved.

First the camera must be held straight so the loco is square in the phot.

I've left a white edge to show how far out of square you were.

Next adjust the levels and saturation.

Then a touch of sharpening.

BTW I looked at some of your other rejections, there appears to be a problem with your lens, grease spot or finger print on the glass.

Needs a clean (carefully) that alone will improve you image quality.

I think Andrew advised you to look at the thousands of shots on this site and learn.

That's sound advice, from this you will get a much better idea of good composition.

Also, checkout other reject threads on this forum, there are a lot of very good snappers out there always happy to give advice, we only learn from seeking out solutions to problems.

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