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I just downloaded your phot and checked out the file info.

Seems you have a Fuji Finepix A345 which has a 4Mp capability.

The links above give a review of your camera, you will see that the shutter lag is around 1/2 sec don't expect too much if you try for moving subjects.

You chose to use the lowest quality that your camera can produce 03M.

Produces only a 640x480 image, the top setting would give you a 2,304 x 1,728 image.

As I said above try using the best quality, then re size down for railpics

Also I see you used an ISO of 64, the conditions appear a little dull for such a low setting, this will have caused you to use a wide aperture f3.8, results in lower quality, and a low shutter speed 1/100 second, may allow a bit of camera shake?

I see, unfortunately that the A345 gives you no control over shooting apertures and/or shutter speeds, except that one of the modes is 'Sport', I suspect that this will give you the benefit of the camera choosing a higher shutter speed for you. Setting a higher ISO, say 200 will also encourage the camera to set a higher shutter speed smaller aperture combination. The downside is that the image quality will suffer if too higher ISO (400) is used?

As I have already said, experiment at different settings by snapping cars or lorries in various conditions near home, get to know what gives you best results before you go out taking rail phots again.

That will give you the opportunity for success!

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