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Here are my three:

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 115425
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

It's a thorn in the side that my top photo of '05 was UP, and alot of it at that with this 13 unit 'light' engine movement.

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 115930
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

Who knew a hi-railer could be so popular? The driver stopped as he rolled by me to see what I was doing and make sure I wasn't going to kill myself, delaying long enough to build a good amount of spacing between himself and the coal drag a little farther down the rails.

Hmmm, a week of vacation in Colorado and 2 of my most popular photos...could ND be that boring?!?

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 113563
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

Nothing like a complete moron to spruce up anotherwise boring wedgie. Thanks, dummy on the bike (and your friend too).

And while it wasn't taken in '05, this shot was uploaded in '05 after getting PS 6.0:

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 94798
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus
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