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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
Again, I respect both Darryl and Mitch's contributions to the hobby, I'm not on a vendetta. But this plays back to the inconsistently enforced "standards" for this site as well.
Sean - I don't believe for a minute that you have a vendetta against either myself nor Darryl, nor any other railfans, yet I do question why you simply didn't simply direct your curiosity in a more respectful manner; namely a PM to either myself, Darryl, or perhaps Chris.

I'm not a fan of the shot in the same manner as you would likely not be a fan of a shot featuring an engineer rubbing his eyes after a night flash session. It's a fine line we all walk as we progress and attempt to push some boundaries and catch scenes less often captured. The Corridor, btw, is especially difficult to shoot if you hope to work around or through the catenary infrastructure.

Publishing /posting images such as ours may well lead others to follow without the precautions of an experienced photographer (AND railfan) such as you or I, Daryl or Kent. "Nothing more blatant" - I would hardly say. I constantly capture people crossing the tracks there, walking the right of way and even posing for pics on the ROW. Leaning over the ballast would hardly quality as "doesn't get more blatant then this". And such a measure is a rarity. Darryl and I have shot that location (within minutes of each others residence) in just about every way imaginable. We're regulars there. Though extremely rare, we are aware trains go both directions on the westbound track. Like you, we "notify" so as to not stress the engineer. We waved in advance, held our cameras high and leaned over the ballast - in this particular incident, not much longer then the shutter speed required to capture the scene.

In my own personal opinion, it's much less dangerous or aggravating then having multiple flashes (or even a single flash) fire off in the dark of night. I have several speed lights and a Lumindyne but after speaking with many steam tourist train operators, I'm quite hesitant to use them - much more so then leaning over the ballast a couple times per year a few feet from the station platform.

As for RP - you are well aware there are inconsistencies in the screening process - not only from time to time, but screener to screener. I assume that may be one of the issues effecting the number of images you share here.

No disrespect, Sean - your work is spectacular and commentary often right on the mark and well thought out - most often, that is.

Here's a shot from a Milwaukee Road chase in Chicago, many Moons ago that I would call "blatant"! Beyond blatant. I chased them off the tracks both physically and verbally.

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