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Good grief. Where I live, this just isn't a big deal unless you're on a "sensitive" property such as at an ethanol plant, quarry operation, or major rail yard. About the only time I've heard a railroad get upset out here was when a kid was out deer hunting along the tracks and shot a forky that was spooked by the train. Crew didn't like having an -06 touched off in their direction so they stopped the train, got out, and cut him a new one. On many of my flash shots I'm crossing tracks to get to the other side, but I use common sense about it. I've created ZERO problems and have had no complaints.

I'll add that I never take shots much closer than 30 ft. from the rail. Those shots just don't look that great to me. If I do take a close shot, my camera is on a tripod and fired by a CyberSync.

Kent in SD
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