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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Like I said, Carl - 10, 11 times, you would have had it.

Maybe 6 times. Loyd, the horizon seems to now be leaning to the right, as are a bunch of trees on the right side. Good job on the icicles. though!

I gave it .7 of rotation CCW and that was it.

Image © Carl Massart
PhotoID: 515827
Photograph © Carl Massart

Went back to the same place today and everything was snow covered including the branches. Absolutely gorgeous. I waited 25 minutes for a choo-choo but no luck. I took a picture so I am gonna try to learn more PSE and try put this train into that photo. When I submit it I am gonna make it so un-level that maybe the screener won't realize the train looks familiar.

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