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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
There is always enough evidence in every scene to determine whether or not the composition needs rotated / manipulated / corrected in some fashion. Jim and I have been given this gift... or curse in being able to judge it quickly, and correctly. Sadly for him, he doesn't share in my loathe for uncorrected wide angle distortion..

Since I started out as a large format shooter, my strategy has always been to use a tripod and a level to begin with. My 4x5 cameras always had levels built into them. My first Nikon DSLR bodies did not, so I carried a torpedo in my back pocket. (A pain in the ass.) Fortunately my last two Nikons (D7100, D800E) have built in electronic levels. So with that, I'm back to where I started 18 years ago!

Kent in SD
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