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Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
Exactly what I did though it probably isn't as sensitive nor calibrated to "National Standards" like the RP screener(s) level meters.

I checked mine when I first bought it (D800E) in the X & Y axis. It was too close to what the 24 inch bubble level I was using said was level I to tell if it was off any. Another way to check level is to hang a bright orange plumb line from your ceiling (indoors, i.e. where no air currents influence it) and check against that. I did that with one of my 4x5 cameras once and it worked well. Concrete floor under the tripod, not carpet, of course. You could check X axis in a similar way, stretching the line from wall to wall, anchor securely, check on the ends using a string level (such as masons use.) Ultimately, "level" in X axis is being perfectly perpendicular to the force of gravity.

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