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Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
I think I know why Jim Thias hasn't been posting pics Mitch. I think he has been brought on-board as a screener.

Should I bother or is it gonna be hit with a more serious (i.e. non-fixable)rejection?
I think you're right - ONLY Jim could detect that degree of unlevel.

The nice thing about the new unlevel rejection (See: Suggestions to admin #3 in the Forums) is that they tell you which way unlevel. So, just do like Dave and I have done - rotate a little at a time and then, after 10 or 12 tries, voila! You're in!

I'd level the white stripes on the nose so they are 110% level. Perhaps Jim can chime in if there is a better method, though my monitor has a Pixel Pitch rating of only 0.2331mm so I might be able to use the method he prescribes.

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