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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Until you use a KC-135 for your aerial shots, you're just a child:

Image © Chris Paulhamus
PhotoID: 231017
Photograph © Chris Paulhamus

Actually, I do have some AR shots that I took on roughly a dozen and a half 135 missions that I was fortunate to ride along on back in the late 80s and early 90s. Most of them were night missions, where photography was just not possible, but I do have some daytime images of F-4Ds getting gas off the Jersey Coast. I believe they were from the 108th TFW at McGuire. That's a Guard unit that later converted to tankers. Anyway my experience was that the optics on the side windows weren't all that great, but they were just awesome down in the pod with the visor door up. Been a long time since I had the opportunity. Since the '91 Gulf War, our local unit, the 157th (NHANG) has only been able to accommodate a few ride-along sorties for the CAP. I believe that unit is scheduled to get the KC-46A in a couple of years. Their current birds are just a couple of years younger than me!

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