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Hey Dennis,

No, not putting down night flash photography or quad-copter photography, and not sayin' that there aren't some photographers getting some really stunning shots with both techniques. Just sayin' that when each of these "new" forms of photography first debuted, virtually anything shot that way would skyrocket to To24. Now that the tools to do either one are readily available, we're going to see a lot of mundane shots, and the novelty value is going to rapidly wear off. Even our resident RP-critic Janusz appears not to be very impressed with the me-too shots that are bound to result when these things become as ubiquitous as the railfan with the little bitty video cam and a tripod.

I think that the last statement in my post said it all. Once the fad wears off, we're going to start looking critically at these images, and there will be those (such as the folks you mentioned) who will master it, and those who will shoot mundane "flash wedges" or "sky wedges".

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