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Originally Posted by hoydie17
On the first, I could be wrong, but I believe they are "NO SMOKING" signs, as you'll notice what appears to be a fuel truck. Probably because of the vapors in the air from the fuel. Just a guess though.

2nd, no real solid answer for that one, but most likely METRA was short of power for one reason or another, and was able to "borrow" an engine from UP to power this commuter train. And actually, that engine is an SD90/43MAC.
Blue signals are a railroad practice (subsequently made into a federal rule) that protect railroad employees on or about locomotives or cars from unexpected movement. A railroad employee must not move the equipment until the employee who placed the blue signal removes it. Since a fueling contractor is not a "Railroad employee," UP uses a red sign rather than the blue sign.

As new gallery cars come into service, old METRA gallery cars have been bought by various parities. A large number are in storage in Milwaukee and this may simply be a movement of the surplus cars.
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