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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I will move from the more factual stuff in my previous post to opinion

I do wonder if the "old fart" guys have some conscious or unconscious resentment of the fact that post-processing has become so important in photography, thus diminishing the relative importance (but not absolute importance) of the exposure/composition skills they have honed over the decades. The world has moved on, and away from them, a bit.
Not for me - I love the fact that I can be assured in most cases of nailing the exposure by using the histogram and highlights feature of the DSLR. I'm also happy to have moved beyond manual focus and so-so auto focus to really outstanding auto focus on my newest DSLR. I also love the fact that my digital negatives take far less PS work, than my slide scans.

Getting back on topic, The most fun lens for me is the 17-35 zoom, followed by the 200-400 zoom. The normal (50mm to short telephoto 85 and 105) give me the most "normal" looking views. I use them all when I'm out for a day.

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