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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
But this also goes to a greater point, which is that the "fundamentals" of photography are no longer just exposure + composition, they are now exposure + composition + processing. Or at least they are so to a much greater extent than in the past.
I agree with all you said. Actually, it requires a whole new array of skill sets to harness the post-processing thing. I'm very much a neophyte in that area---but I enjoy learning more about it. I've used Photoshop for a few years now, but I'm still into the "wonder what this will do?..." kind of mode. Like most men, I don't bother to "read the instructions" (although I do go to the Help section at times).

It's certainly changed the way I work with magazine publishers. I just finished an article submission for Trains. After completing the writing and final edit (of many) on the article itself, I scanned about a dozen images---all old black and white 35mm negs from 1964 (on Kodak Tri-X, ASA 400----very grainy stuff, but very fast for that time). I was in the 11th grade when those shots were taken, and my knowledge of photography was pretty thin. Photoshop allowed me to bring some of these shots back to some usable form.

Had this been a few years ago, I don't think film and darkroom technology would have been sufficient to salvage some of these old shots. And---without images to support the story, there was no incentive for me to write on this particular subject. Again---digital technology will be responsible for this thing possibly seeing "ink" one day (at least I hope).

The whole thing, by the way, was uploaded to Kalmbach's FTP site. It was all so easy, compared to the old way. I haven't gotten a contract yet, but if I do, this may appear in print sometime in the not-too-distant future. We'll see.
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