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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Again---not the best choice of a word. I love a zoom lens (as well as a wide). If you consider that many neophyte photographers quickly gravitate to a 300mm view of the world--and create some really unmemorable stuff in the process--my point was: start with the basics.
I knew what you meant. Sometimes I look at an image and have to think, does it really have value or is it just catchy in a superficial way?

But it's so much fun! And it is just a hobby ...

Among the old fart photographers who discuss such things off-list--it's a common opinion that today's youthful digi-age fotogs rely too much on the "gee whiz" stuff of technology. They blew right past the fundamentals. They might be able to engage you in a passionate discussion of histograms---but they can't truly command the relationships between ASA (that would be ISO to the younger folks), shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, etc.
Well, OK, now we separate a bit. I do agree about those fundamentals, but in your remark about "gimmick" and the subsequent discussion I thought you were more focused on composition, the next step up from the technical issues. And light.

I think I understand depth of field fairly well but not necessarily how to take that knowledge to the next level.

And histograms are always good ... or at least are never bad ...
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