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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
As for manual controls, I think it's folly to buy an expensive SLR with nice lenses and then let the camera decide everything.
Using the various programmed/auto modes is not necessarily letting the camera decide everything. They are just a tool. That is why they have those little readouts in the view finder so that you can see what the camera is doing and change it if you don't agree.

I use programmed modes most of the time because the camera can respond to rapidly changing lighting faster than I can manually. But I also monitor what the camera is doing and modify the settings frequently based on any number of considerations.

I decided I needed a camera with auto features some 25 years ago while standing by the tracks in Montana with the sun coming and going behind clouds. Constantly changing the settings on my old Nikon F was a pain.

My big complaint with auto stuff is the loss of complete depth of field scales on AF lenses. In the old days I used zone focusing with considerable success.

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