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Like brunswickrailfan was saying, the reporter needed to be more clear as to running vs. ideling. When he says running it makes me think that the train was in movement. It is kinda wierd that they didnt wait for a re-crew, and that they took a taxi home, but there probably wasnt another crew and the RR crew transport was probably a couple of hours behind. I think if we heard the radio transmition between that crew and dispatch it would clear up alot. Obviously this reporter was just looking to fill a colum provoking more terrorist panic for people.

Out here in AZ on the UP, its so messed up that crews probably work 12 hours and get about 50miles. Usually when a train is in a siding near Tucson, they wont be getting out for a couple hours. UP dispaching isnt efficent at all, although that is a very obvious statement.
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