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Originally Posted by brunswickrailfan

Is it possible that the author and editor have no idea what the difference between "running" and "idling" is as it is related to the RR industry?
I'd say probable. And that is the trouble. These people report on things about which they haven't a clue, then play it up, and all the while the public deems it credible. You know, I saw it on TV, so it has to be true.

Originally Posted by brunswickrailfan
What I find interesting is that the crew left the train...period. Don't they have to wait for the recrew???
Not if another crew isn't called. There are trains around STL here that sit for two days without a crew. When they go off duty, the van comes and gets them, then takes them to the hotel. This is routine. Tie the train down, and get on home or to the hotel.

Click on for a good laugh and waste of your time.

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