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I have heard many a crazy call dispatched by police, but never that a train is left idling (not running) somewhere!

Originally Posted by 4Vk
Why not write up a dramatic story about a man eating a bologna sandwich at a diner?
That, my friend is tragedy T.V.! And newspapers and local channels wonder why thier readership and viewership is fading. People are tired of non-stories or minimally impactful events to lead with dramatic details.

You probably noticed that they explained why the crew left, but those facts seemed unrelated to the story. I find it funny that the crew left a note in the cab.

And the title of the story: Crew Abandons Running Train in Bay Park*. Until I read the story, I pictured the crew throwing themselves from an out of control frieght train.

My personal commentary, is that too many communities and "groups" meddle in private company business. Set aside the obvious interest of the Unions and employees, there are plenty of advocacy groups that pushed for things like the 12-hour rule, for the safety of the community. Well, when a hypothetical situation is averted (derailments), and an acutal injury or death occurs (as did in Texas a couple of years back, when a schoolgirl crossed mid-train because it was blocking several crossings) the potential risk is moot.

Mark my words, when more towns and cities impose "whistle ban" areas, all the saftey measures at crossings aren't going to prevent injury and death. Who will be blamed? The railroad of course. I may be going a bit far, but I could foresee trains having to stop at crossings, like an automobile.

I see my time has run out and the soapbox is needed elsewhere.

* Author's emphasis.
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