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Originally Posted by kd4jsl
Its pretty weather and the the weekend... everybody is out shooting thier next RP submissions!! Cool weather, soon the leaves will be turning and Kodak will be getting a lot of money (at least from me).

Feel free to spread the word not only about RP but the forums.. word of mouth is the best advertising there is!! The webiste has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months, mostly in part to all the great photgraphic submissions from our users, and now its time to get the word out about the doesnt do us any good to have them if folks out there dont know they exist. With that "other site" going down the tubes (IMO), we should be seeing a need for a well run (FREE) place to gather..... Spread the word!!!

Too bad the weather here sucks every Sunday, which is when I go out to the tracks.

Overcast, overcast, overcast...

btw, what "other" site?
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