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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight shots are extremely hard to capture, i've always had problems with them. Especially with my older gear. Dynamic range has been an issue. This is one of the ones I worked on the hardest in photoshop and (shocking) is actually a multiple layer, multiple exposure shot. Again, as has been mentioned, trying to capture what the eye sees. In the end, it still didn't come out as well as I would have liked, but it was the best I could. I probably captured 20 different exposures of the room, and got really lucky with the exposure of the actual train coming by in the window.

Image © Troy Nolen
PhotoID: 457805
Photograph © Troy Nolen

On the complete other side of that, I took some liberties on this shot, a very mediocre shot, but the front end of my truck was sticking out from behind the snow pile on the left, so I just extended it a little with the clone tool to cover it. No harm, no foul.
Interesting story. The image looks fine to me, so I'd say you processed it well. I assuming that you didn't have flash or anything to supplement the inside lighting? Shooting an indoor scene with windows in it and having it look natural is a real challenge without flash.

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