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I hope no offense here, just opinions.

Ok, as a photo, I don't care how much P/S work it takes or not as long the result is probable in my view of reality and I even make some allowances.

My value Judgements -

#4 I love as a photo, finding the right place and time and sky the technical ability of balancing exposures and light. Lloyds for the same reason.

#3, #1 I love as "art". Interpretation, glad to see but in terms of this site only as a photo site I judge less.

#2 is very well done photo, under hard conditions.

Since this may turn into personal examples here are two of mine, both documentary but requiring different processing and value different by me.

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 637186
Photograph © Robert Jordan

This took a good amount of work balancing the light sources, dark and light areas. I had to double process to keep of the colors and correct others.
This is my only People's Choice, I realize I will never get a screener's choice so 4th peoples is the closest I may get.

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 649588
Photograph © Robert Jordan

This one is pretty much out of the box except a little brighter since I wanted to avoid rejection. I value this a lots since it has the elements and time of day I like the most plus Metra lights shining on the Builder in the snow at that time will probably never occur again


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