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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Wasn't this one of the photos in question for being blurry that was removed? Did he reprocess it and resubmit today? Looks much better to me.

Image © Dave Blaze...
PhotoID: 566444
Photograph © Dave Blaze...
Jim, yes and yes. He must have reprocessed it as look at how many "views". Now, that is a move in the positive direction fixing the photo and bringing up to "standards". Now everyone that looked at the photo the first time please view it again so he can get the views back! I sometimes think some of the shots we brought to the forefront from several people had views just from a curiosity standpoint when seeing the thumbnail and saying WTF and had to open the picture to view it more closely. That even stands true for some we don't talk about but just their ODD look brings attention and thus views whether it be top quality or not.

On a side note, you had a comment about a picture in the queue most of the day on that thread and I gather they must have finally got to it?


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