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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
My view is that UAV photography will probably end up being a fad, just like night flash photography. When the first stop-action flash images appeared on RP, everyone ooohed and ahhhed because it was a novelty. Now, they are pretty much passe. Now, with some exceptions, your first thought is: "Oh, now so-and-so is doing the me-too, thermonuclear, night shot." The copter thing has "taken off" because for the vast majority of people, an aerial view of anything, much less a train, is a rare treat. Eventually, the novelty will wear off, with a growing parade of not-terribly-exciting, soft-focus, distorted "sky wedges". Equipment will get better, but in the end, it will join all of the other photographic genres. Many will try it. Few will master it.
Putting down all aerial photography as a "fad" is rather harsh don't you think Kevin?

I agree there is a certain amount of fad-isum and novelty but that is true of all technological advances. And yes I expect a lot of dross aerial photography to assault our eyes.

On the other hand, I have enjoyed immensely the work of Gary Knapp, Sean Hoyden, Thomas Nanos, Stephen Husser, and Peter Lerro. I am glad they got those tools to do their night work.

I therefore am eagerly looking forward to masterly made photos from angles never before seen in human existence.

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