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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
The wide angle distortion of the Hero and Vision cameras annoys me, especially when you have someone like Grumpy killin' it with a DSLR in the air.
Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Are you aware of where Grumpy 'fans? You will not see shots like the type seen in this thread...
I think I expressed myself poorly.

Jim, you may be simply saying that Grumpy is a technically careful and precise user of aerial photography equipment. Fine. That doesn't constitute "killin' it" in my book, just like, in my view, your ability to precisely level your photographs doesn't constitute "killin' it". It is something you do extremely well, and is worth emulating, tis all. So maybe I overreacted to your rhetoric, taking it to mean something it may not have meant.

Chris, I presume grumpy is located somewhere in the rural parts of the flat plains of this country. Which means, I suspect, that aerial photography inherently cannot add much in the way of compositional value to photography from those parts. In no way is that a shortcoming of his.

Thinking more broadly, when I think about what 'copter-based aerial photography can contribute to our hobby, I am not thinking about what I will call "sky wedgies." I am thinking about what I find to be unique perspectives. I think the Massey shot has a really cool sweep of its curve through the frame, one in which not only the horizontal curvature but the vertical "ramp" come into play. It is sweet!

This one by Massey tells the story of "bridge", with a very strong element of "valley", in a way which is unique to aerials. (But ugh, the winter lack of foliage! So ugly! Fortunately, IIRC, Chris Stearns has a somewhat similar shot from the summer.)

Image © Doyle Massey
PhotoID: 508199
Photograph © Doyle Massey

Both of those shots are shots that, in my view, represent views unique to 'copter shots. They fit my vaunted category of "I wish I took that shot" images. They expand my perception of what is possible in photography (just like when I first started to see ultra-wide lens shots). Lots of other Massey 'copter shots do not, the Grumpy 'copter shots I have seen do not. No big deal.
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