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Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
I had the ENGINEER of a train coming off the lower bridge on the Toledo Terminal run down and open up the door while moving in an attempt to mess up my shots. I really don't give a crap so I was sure to go shoot that train 5 other times as it traversed the Terminal to Walbridge just to make sure he was good and pissed off. Crews have been doing this for a long time now.
Yeah, I think the majority of them do it in a semi-good natured way. Just to mess with people. Like I said, lots of guys will close the door if you ask them to, or if you point at the door as they pass if they're at speed.

I've talked to crewmembers before that proudly admit to popping open the doors on F-units and other unusual moves just for the laughter of screwing with railfans.

I had one crew on a train about 3 years ago, one of my night shots, with a pair of CP Rail GEVOs and the door was swinging open in the breeze. (I'm a sucker for matched sets of power!) I actually called the dispatcher to see if he'd let them know. Not only did they close the door, the conductor had gone out onto the porch and wiped off the CP logo on the nose to make sure it stood out.

Conversely, I've also had guys fly the bird, yell at me, and throw water bottles both day and night. Takes all kinds.
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