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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
If RP is so popular that train crews are browsing our list of rejections looking for ways to piss off railfans, then I think our job here is done!

Seriously, though, this rule has been in place for years. We would just give the image a PEQ and include a note about the open nose door. It's only applied on widecabs (one hardly even notices it on a standard cab locomotive) where the open door genuinely detracts from the shot.

I think the fact that none of you guys knew the rule even existed speaks to how often we actually have to apply it.
In daylight I've been known to ask crews to shut doors if the opportunity presents itself. At night, nine out of ten times the crew knows I'm there and prepares accordingly.

If it's a plain jane "common power" it's pretty much likely that I won't take the shot anyways.

But I have seen photos where an open nose door is a travesty of a reason to can a photo. I had one with an open nose door accepted a few years back, not sure if I've since had it deleted, and it's too difficult to search from my phone.

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