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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
"Leak" a photo? You mean take a picture of it before NS can? Come on man...

Is NS racing to become the lowest common denominator like news outlets where it's more important to be "first" than to be "good"?

So the weather sucks, so what. Take the picture the next day. So NS doesn't get the first "scoop", so what...

Railpictures is enabling them too, they don't have to accept it do they? Question to the screeners, have you ever rejected on of their shots? Be honest...
Casey's current assignment is to publicly debut the Heritage units, so yes it is important since thats what NS wants. Having some crappy backlit picture released first is even worse like with the CR unit. The units need to be gotten into service too so they can't just leave them sitting around for optimal lighting.
Its not like Casey doesn't follow up with better shots of the units on the road.
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Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

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