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Got it. I appreciate your response.

Originally Posted by classiclights View Post
Thanks Loyd & Dennis !!! I think someone was having a little difficulty recognizing a very simple joke here. I'd offer up an apology, but it's so obvious that none is needed.

My use of the phrase: ... "if your shooting skills were" ..., along with the should have been fairly good indicators I was making a joke of this very easy setup based on a user name.

There was absolutely no "Slam" to or of anyone here!

As far as my user statistics, you'll never see me close to the top when it comes to submissions especially when I rarely submit anything, but you will find my average/views per photo to be well above average; and in this particular case it's something like: 3139 / 915, or 3.43 to 1.

At 64 I will readily admit to my shooting skills being far less than what they once were.

As far as my being a "Dickhead", that would be correct. I have been known to be one on more than one occasion - a badge I wear proudly. This occasion however is not one of them.

Let's put this one to bed now -
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