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I had trouble with my sling bacg, too. My back would hurt after going out for a day with it. So I got the Canon bag linked above (though I paid more for mine, dangit!) and immediately loaded it down with as much of my gear as I could. That didn't last long. First, an awful thought occured to me. What if it was stolen? Then all of my gear would be gone. Or if it were droppedinto the Congaree or what have you. I never really use two bodies much anymore anyway and just leave the other stuff in a smaller sling bag that I take out with me but usually leave in my car until I know I need it.

Just watch ow you zip up a bookbag. The one in question was zipped in such a way once that the camera fell out of it. I for some reason thought it smart to zip it up to meet at the top. Now I am always sure to zip it up all the way to the side of the bag that would be higher than the other side if I have it on one shoulder, which is always my left shoulder.
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