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Jim, how is that Velocity 9 on your shoulder, does it get irritatingly heavy being on one shoulder? How easily can you switch to the other shoulder, just take it off and on or do you have to relocate the strap? Hmm, the lesser comfort may be worth the handling, especially, say, if snowing or raining, and one doesn't want to have the camera out in between shot opportunities.

By the diagram, that looks like a small bag, but I can see it being useful. Mine is somewhat larger, but it doesn't do two bodies when both have lenses mounted. Well, maybe it can, I've never looked into rearranging the dividers for that. But not long enough to put the cameras lens-to-lens as in the picture above.

It is a Canon backpack, which Amazon tells me I bought over 4 years ago. I'm happy with it, and it is quite affordable. I carry body/17-55/10-22/55-250/70-200/50/batteries and other goodies. When I need it I put a flash in one of the outside pockets. The two external mesh pockets take a scanner and a water bottle easily.

(Yeah, why both the 55-250 and the 70-200? I know, I know. But sometimes I like to handhold with the IS, sometimes I take my time with the 70-200 or use a tripod. The 55-250 is small and light so not a big deal and I don't have anything else I need put in that compartment anyway.)
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