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I would browse the LowePro or Tamrac lines. Both companies have websites that describe their bags and provide photos and dimensions. I have looked at other lines, but not found any that provide the variety at a reasonable price. The B&H website has a ton of camera bags from many manufacturers and their prices are generally as good as you'll find outside of fire sales.

I personally use a LowePro Pro Mag 2 AW. It's discontinued now, but I like how much it holds for the size. This bag holds 2 DSLRs with long zooms attached, along with a flash and a spare lens or two, depending on size. It has one inside and one outside pocket for doo-dads and the combination of the two hold a lot of stuff. There are also external loops for attaching lens pouches, etc. It also has a waterproof rain jacket. The bag fits under my seat on an airplane, so as long as I get on, it does too. It can get heavy, so I usually down-load it when I am chasing or doing a charter.

My needs may be different from yours. I like to store the cameras with the lenses mounted, so I am ready to "draw and fire" on short notice. For that type of need, backpacks are just not useful at all.

Two other bags that I like are the LowePro Classified 200 AW and the Tamrac Velocity 9x. I have played with the former in a camera store and like it a lot. The latter is a favorite of one of my NJ friends, who has a pair of Canon 5Ds. I've been at plenty of events with him and it seems to serve him well. He's another quick-draw type of shooter.

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