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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
When I read that Jim DeNike, 53, a "railroad worker" from Arkansas, had spent $15,000, got 1580 rolls developed, and that all those 50,000 Kodachrome shots were of trains,

I got a big stupid grin on my face all morning.
If you guys only knew, you'd all grin from ear to ear.

Jim and I were compadres back in the day; from the late 70s to late 80s we were in-the-trenches-warriors chasin' the sun, watchin' the weather channel at 2 minutes and 32 minutes past, jumping up and down at that ONE cloud in the sky, raiding Target at night buying up every last roll of KM dates 6-9 months out, grilling out all night labeling mailers to Findlay, Ohio, and on and on. Most of my rosters and train shots here on RP that are in Texas had Jim on the right side of me; right side 'cause Jim would "hand test" the exposure with his right hand, me with my left. Don't know how many tens of thousands of miles we logged chasing the Santa Fe in Texas, and every sunlit roster shot in between, blowing the horn at every cow and flock of birds in our midst. Man, those were some fun times, and I wish we could relive just a few of them.

The reporter got it wrong that he borrowed money from his Dad's retirement was actually his OWN retirement account; he and his dad are named the same.

Jim ("Chunga" to me, Mark Lynn, Tim Jones and othes) was definitely a character; but my longest known friend of all time.

And FWIW, his 15 minutes of fame are not over, they are just beginning; stay tuned.....


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